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ello ! How is everybody?! We have been busy around here trying to bring ideas to share! We will try to make lots and lots of Gilli projects to hopefully plant a little seed in your creativity! Please join our Flick and share your idea!

Talking about seeds…I honestly can feel Fall breeze around the corner. I don’t know why, but if you actually close your eyes and just let it be, you can feel the change in the air. Fall is coming, so it is now time to collect the seeds of your hard work and save them for the next spring/Summer!


Seed_box_inside Here I bring you a nice little gift idea for a Gardner friend or make it for yourself! I love planting, the joy of seeing that wonderful fresh green ( I wonder of copic # is that lol) come to life, after all the beautiful winter whites…it is just magic. So if you wish to have that little colorful happiness  in your yard or  flower pot, the time to plan is right now! All you need is some nice ribbon, die cuts, a little sparkle from glitter, copic markers, a cute box and your Gilli florist.


As you can see inside a lovely package of hope…packs of colors tied in bows that once planted will sprout as soon as snow melts away! The smells, the texture and the inspiration kept safely guarded by your Gilli florist thru the winter….Come on let’s make magic happen…right now!



Gilli stamps are here!

GILLI IS HERE! Join us in the fun! I will be so happy to see you around! Stay tunned for more updates!!!
Love to you all!

much luv