Gilli_Rivertour_posterGilli Hi iconello Crafters! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this gorgeous fall we are having! For our friends down south…time for a warm up! Enjoy!
Well it is time for a little update about out very first Gilli Design Team call. We have received many beautiful projects. We are blown away by the creativity and lovely details! The deadline for submission was supposed to be tomorrow.  Yeap, I said “was”.  We will be extending the deadline submission for a few days.
Some of you might know already that my very best friend in this whole world and partner had a very serious and life threatening medical emergency this past week (We thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, they are so comforting. THANK YOU!).  I cannot even try to explain how important Rami is to me….and Gilli. Rami spent a few days in the hospital and now has been recovering at home…and he needs to stay away from work for a few more days….since Rami is an essential gear to me and Gilli…We decided to extend the Design team call. We will wait for Rami and in the the mean time something sad should become a good opportunity for all of you!
So the deadline for submissions for the very first Gilli Design Team call will be (Email photographs and physical projects):
US:  November, 10 2010
Other Countries: November 16, 2010 ( the extra time was allotted for international mail delivery).
Please refer to our Design Team call for further and complete submission guideline http://anary.com/gillidtcall.html
Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. Send your inquiry to gillidtcall@.com
We are looking for YOU! Don’t shy away! You are a very talented and creative person! Send in your favorite project we would love to see it. If you were “still think’, now is your chance! Life is good and beautiful…..Let’s all make the best of this second chance!!! YOU CAN DO IT!
Lots of hugs
anaRy & raMi


A Cards Delight said...

Hey sweetie, sorry to hear the sad news, but very happy to here he is home recovering! God Bless and prayers and hugz to ya!

The Bug said...

Glad Rami is doing better! You need to take care of him first! Hugs, Wini

Ann said...

Glad to hear Rami is doing well!!! I hope you're also able to get some rest for yourself Anary. All your new Gilli designs here are adorable; love the stroll in fall colors, beautiful!